What Is The Use Of Su53 Tcode In SAP?

How can I check su53 for another user?

Get your user to run the authorization check or su53, then you, the authorizating administrator, type in su53 as well.

Now you’ll see an icon (two little boxes).

Select this and type in that user’s logon ID.

You now have their SU53 on your screen..

How do I find missing authorization in SAP?

You can use Trace function, ST01, you can trace the user activity and from the log you can see the authorization missing. Start an authorization trace using the ST01 transaction and carry out the transaction with a user who has full authorizations.

What is user buffer in SAP?

SU56 – User Authorization Buffer Transaction code SU56 is used to monitor the number of objects that are buffered from individual user authorization roles and profiles. When a user signs on to an SAP system, a user buffer is built containing all authorizations for the user. Each user has his or her own user buffer.

What is Pfcg role in SAP?

Transaction code PFCG is a role maintenance administration to manage roles and authorization data. … The actual authorizations and profiles are stored in the SAP system as objects. With the roles, we can assign to any users which will be the user menu that is displayed after they log on to the SAP System.