Quick Answer: What Is The Tax On 100 Jazz Load?

What is easy load?

With Telenor’s easyload you can now decide how much you want to pay to recharge your Telenor Prepaid Account.

All you have to do is visit any Telenor easyload Agent and recharge your Telenor Prepaid account from anywhere between Rs.

30 and Rs.

5,000 and enjoy validity as per your price plan..

How can I check Jazz free minutes?

Status of a free bundle can be checked by dialing *117*88*2#. The minutes and SMS are non-transferable. A customer will stop receiving the incentive if he has not conducted any product transaction in the last 30 days.

What is Zong 20 plan?

PackagesEconomyZong 20Charging Pulse60 sec20 secOn-net/Off-net (Rs./pulse)Rs. 2.40+TaxRs. 0.70+TaxSMS Rs. (All Networks)Rs. 1.50+TaxRs. 1.20+TaxMobile Internet (Rs./ MB)Rs. 4+TaxRs. 4+Tax2 more rows

How can I get tax certificate from jazz?

How to Get your Jazz Tax Certificate Online?WhatsApp “Hi” on 0300-3008000.You will receive a reply asking for the services you want to opt for.To receive the desired information, reply with the option number. … Select Tax Certificate which is on number 7.Reply “7” in the same window.More items…•

How much tax do I pay on 100 Easy Load?

It appears that 10% service/maintenance charges on every Rs. 100 card has now been withdrawn and mobile network users will have to pay 12.5% withholding tax and 19.5% FED, which is still applicable on every top-up and balance transfer.

How much balance we get on 100 load jazz?

100 balance, currently customers get Rs. 88.89 balance. In order to get the above incentive customer needs to dial *408# only once. After dialing *408# on every recharge of Rs.

What is the tax on Easy load in Pakistan?

GST @19.5% is applied on per call, SMS, and data usage basis. When a user consumes its remaining balance of Rs. 88.889, a total of Rs. 14.505 as GST is charged.

How can I jazz load?

Dial *123* followed by 14 digit number on the scratch card and then #.

What is Jazz Gold offer?

From the looks, it appears that Jazz Gold comes with exclusive packages, premium helpline, special services and more for customers with high usage on both prepaid and postpaid plans. Jazz Gold comes with exclusive offers, specially tailored for those with high-usage for voice, SMS and mobile internet.

How can I check my Jazz last 5 deductions?

With this offer you can get the detail of last five deductions, Last five balance share transactions, Last five advance balance transactions and Last five recharge amounts made from your number. you just simply have to dial a code which is *324# to activate this offer.

What is the tax on Zong load?

Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge. Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies.

What is the tax on jazz load 2020?

Furthermore, on Jazz Rs 100 balance load, withholding tax is 12.5 per cent, 5 per cent service charges plus 19.5 per cent FED which is Rs 5.98, and 5 per cent operational fee which is Rs 5 – hence a total deduction of Rs 23.48.

How can I get free MB on jazz?

Jazz Free Internet App trick 2020Download the Jazz app from the app store.Create your account with a Jazz number.After the register.Click daily reward option.Enjoy free jazz Mbs.

How much is mobile tax at Pakistan airport?

Regulatory DutyValue of phone in US DollarsTaxation$1 to $60Rs. 250$61 to $13010% of valueOver $13020% of valueDec 11, 2018

Why my jazz balance is deducted?

If Jazz or Warid is deducting your balance without your knowing, it means some Valued Added Services are activated on your number.

How much is tax on jazz packages?

Advance income tax rate is @12.5% on each recharge.

How can I check Zong full balance?

For instance, if you recharge Rs. 100, your new account balance will become Rs. 200 (before tax deductions). With the 100 pai 100 offer Zong customers will be able to receive a 100% free balance on every load of a 100+.

What is Ufone recharge offer?

Ufone has announced this ‘100 + 100 Offer’; an deal that will double the benefits. This is a similar offering to what we have seen from Zong Earlier. With this offer on every recharge of Rs. 100 Ufone customers will immediately receive 100 minutes talk time absolutely free.