Quick Answer: How Do You Transfer Credits On Emtel?

How can I get free unlimited data?

But, there isn’t really a legal way for you to get access to totally free, unlimited Internet on your phone….Apps that give you free Internet on your cell phoneGigato.

Where to get it: Gigato on Google Play.

Databack App.



HotSpot Finder.


How do I find my emtel number?

Your number will then appear on your phone screen. Check your balance before and immediately after the recharge by dialing *122#. Verify if the SMS you’ve received is from the following number +8746, it’s the ONLY number of the Emtel EPin System.

Can I transfer my credit to another SIM card?

Transfer Your Credit With certain exceptions, it normally isn’t possible to transfer credit between mobile networks. … If you’re changing to another Pay As You Go account on the same network, you should contact your mobile network to ask them to transfer your credit to your new account.

How do I send credit on my T?

Recharge with E-transferI send an SMS on 8500 to initiate the transfer in the form of T ‹ space › ‹ the number you wish to give credit to › ‹ space › ‹ Amount to be credited› ‹space› 0000 which in my case is: … The system will check if I have enough credit and my eligibility.More items…

How do I transfer credit from one phone to another in chili?

Procedure for balance transfer: Dial *333**

What is emtel cash?

What is Emtel Cash? Emtel Cash: Another innovation by Emtel which enables you to store, send & receive money using your mobile phone.

How do I top up my flow credit?

Top up the Flow number in just 3 simple steps: Select Destination. Choose Amount or Plan. Enter your Payment details (Credit Card or Paypal)

How do I find my emtel pin?

Dial *100# and follow the steps, OR, Send Reset (space) NID Number (space) New Pin by SMS for free to 8333. 2. You’ll then receive your PIN by SMS.

How do you pay for airbox juice?

Steps to pay bill using mcb juiceLog on MCB Juice (available on Play Store & App Store)Select Pay & Transfer.Select Pay Bill.Select Emtel.Enter Mobile or Airbox number and the Amount to be paid.

How do you send credit to a lime phone?

To transfer credit customers can simply dial *128* plus the 10-digit mobile number they are sending the credit to and the credit amount being sent followed by the number sign, eg *128*phonenumber*amount#.

Can you top up someone else’s mobile?

To avail of the text top-up option, first you will need to register a credit or debit card with your mobile provider. … This option may also be used to top-up credit on someone else’s account. Your bank may also allow you to top-up yours or another’s mobile account.

How do you do easy transfer with emtel?

Send “amount to be transferred” followed by “phone number on which you want to transfer credit” and your “password” by SMS to 8747. E.g if you have a credit of Rs. 100 and you transfer Rs. 20, you will have a remaining credit of Rs.

How do I check what my phone number is?

For every Android phone, regardless of manufacturer, you’ll be able to find your phone number if you go to Settings > About Phone or About Device > Status > My phone number. Some Android phones will have SIM or SIM card status listed within Status.

How do I recharge my emtel prepaid?

How can I recharge my own Emtel prepaid number?To recharge your Emtel prepaid number: send “refill” by SMS to 8700.To recharge your Emtel prepaid number with a different amount: send “refill” your amount * by SMS to 8700.

How do you refill juice?

Simply choose your preferred method from SMS, Internet Banking, ATM or our Juice app….SMS, Refill, CommunicateFast and easy, just send a text message (SMS) to 8700 and receive your credit immediately. ( … You can register five other phone numbers to your own subscription so you can reload these prepaid mobile phones.More items…

How do you use credits on emtel?

Rs 10. Repayment amount: Rs 12. Valid for 24 hours. To activate, SMS to 8505: SOS 10 OR. Dial: *505*10#Rs 15. Repayment amount: Rs 18. Valid for 72 hours. To activate, SMS to 8505: SOS 15 OR. Dial: *505*15#Rs 25. Repayment amount: Rs 29. Valid for 15 days. To activate, SMS to 8505: SOS 25 OR. Dial: *505*25#

How do you send an emtel gift package?

SMS: Send the command (See above table) to short code 8284. The SMS to 8284 is free. EPIN: Recharge exact package price at any Emtel shop. USSD: Dial *100# and select your pack as per your choice.

How do I transfer credit from one phone to another?

Dial *128* then the phone number of the person you are sending the credit to (including the area code), then * the amount, then # and press the call button or send button. For example *128*8761234567*2#.

How do you get unlimited packages on emtel?

Best. buy. Prepaid. Unlimited. 60 days pack. Rs 619. VAT incl. 7.5GB per day for 60 days. To activate, SMS to 8284: SUB 619 or. To auto-renew*, SMS to 8284: AR 619.Best. buy. Prepaid. Unlimited. 90 days pack. Rs 819. VAT incl. 10GB per day for 90 days. To activate, SMS to 8284: SUB 819 or. To auto-renew*, SMS to 8284: AR 819.

How do you get credit on Chili?

Emergency Credit facility The customer is required to send SMS “CREDIT “ to 8300 to get the credit talk time. Get airtime, anytime and anywhere with CHILI Credit facility! The service charge will be recovered on post credit.