Quick Answer: How Do I Get Hold Of Telkom?

How do you do SIM swap with Telkom?

From the customer’s old sim SMS PORTME#idnumber#iccid to 081 160 7678 (standard sms rate applies).

The customer’s old network will stop working within 24 hours.

When this happens the customer will need to remove their old sim card from their phone and insert their new AWESIM telkom mobile sim card into their phone…..

How much does it cost to cancel a Telkom contract?

Telkom said in the event that a customer requests the termination of a contract within the contract tenure (during the 24/36-month contract period), an administration amount of R800 is charged.

Is 10210 free from Telkom mobile?

Here are some alternatives to calling Telkom’s 10210 support line: … You can use the Telkom app, which can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. You can tweet Telkom via @TelkomZA or post on the TelkomZA Facebook page. Telkom has a dedicated digital team working to assist customers.

How can I increase my Telkom LTE speed?

Get Better Telkom LTE SpeedsThe Paddle-Antenna Configuration.Change the Profile/APN settings.Captain Obvious Says: “Move the router around”Get the damn antenna up already.

Is 10mbps Fibre good for streaming?

If you’re not into TV streaming, online gaming or downloading and uploading big files, a 10mbps line will do, but if you’re internet-hungry you may want a much faster internet connection at 50 or even 100Mbps.

How do I sign into my Telkom dispute?

If you experience a problem with your Telkom service, call 10212 or for account enquiries call 10210. Ask the agent for a reference number. In those unfortunate instances where a problem arises, Telkom will follow the procedures outlined in this section in attempting to resolve your complaint expeditiously.

What is the Telkom toll free number?

0800 Toll Free – Calls at No Charge to the Caller.

How long does Openserve take to install Fibre?

7 DaysQ: How long does it take to get Fibre installed? Installation times vary according to the underlying infrastructure provider and their availability. Currently, the estimated installation time for each provider is as follows: Openserve: 7 Days.

How does Telkom billing work?

Telkom customers can now buy apps from the Google Play Store directly from their smartphone or tablet and charge the cost directly to their bill if they’re a contract customer or to their available airtime if they’re on prepaid.

Who is the CEO of Telkom?

Sipho Maseko (Apr 2013–)Telkom/CEOSipho Nkosinathi Maseko, Telkom SA Soc Ltd: Profile and Biography – Bloomberg Markets.

How do I contact Telkom?

Select the department you want to talk to below:081180. Free from your Telkom Mobile Phone.For Sales 10213 For Service 10210. Free from your Telkom Landline.For Sales 10213. Free from your Telkom Landline.10214. Free from your Telkom Landline.

How do I follow up my Telkom order?

To easily track your Telkom order and estimated delivery date, visit Courier IT’s website: www.courierit.co.za and enter your tracking/waybill number.

Why is my Telkom ADSL not working?

If you are experiencing slow, intermittant or no internet connection you can try the following steps to repair your network: Check that your ADSL telephone line has dial-tone. Make sure all the required Micro filters are in place and correctly connected. Ensure the modem is switched on, by checking the power LED.

What is Telkom email address?

Email Support. Telkom Internet technical support is available 24 hours on 10215 or email us on support@telkomsa.net, 7 days a week.

Can I cancel my Telkom LTE contract?

Once you are logged in to your Telkom profile, select Manage Accounts and click on the applicable account, then select Cancel. Fill in the required fields. You can select multiple services at once.

What documents do I need to apply for a Telkom contract?

Signed Business Application Form.Copy of Company Registration or CK Document.Copy of Directors ID (Does not need to be certified)Proof of Address (Residential Address of Directors)Proof of Banking (Bank confirmation letter or 3 Month Internet Bank Statements or Cancelled Cheque)

Is LTE better than Fibre?

The price of data on LTE is generally more expensive than alternative solutions. Simply put, while all three of these widely used internet solutions have their advantages; fibre is definitely the most reliable solution for both the long and short term – provided that it is available in your area.

Do you need Telkom line for Fibre?

Do I need a Telkom line for fibre No, You only need a fibre network active in your area. See the fibre coverage map .

How do I get a hold of my Telkom technician?

Calling Telkom Directly. Call 10120 to speak with a customer service agent. This number will connect you with a customer service specialist who will help you with any general issue or concern. You may need to wait on hold for a few minutes, but they will handle any question or concern that you may have.