Question: How Can I Deposit Money In My Alfa Wallet?

Can we transfer money from bank account to easypaisa?

Easypaisa Mobile Account holders can now move funds from any bank account into their mobile account and vice versa.

This cash deposit facility will be available at Easypaisa shops while they are open, often late into the night and even on weekends..

How do I get the Alfa App 200?

Alfa brings you an exciting offer! Get Rs. 200 cash instantly….All you need to do is:Download Alfa. For ios: For android: your Alfa Account.Enter promo code: ‘WIN200’!

What is Alfa wallet account?

With Alfa Remittance Wallet you can receive money from anywhere in the world using your mobile number as your Account Number. To sign up, visit any Bank Alfalah branch with your CNIC.

What is my bank account number alfalah?

For information about new account number or for any other queries, please call 16515 | 8191751-8. Note: NID must be of minimum 12 digits or maximum 18 digits. In case of accounts opened with smart NID card, the number should have 00 in-front of the NID number to make it 12 digits.

How can I use my Bank Alfalah app?

You need the following to use Alfa Mobile App:Any Android or Apple (iOS) smartphone.Active Alfalah Account / Debit or Credit Card, registered mobile number & email address.Username.Password.

How can I check my ATM balance through SMS?

You can also give a missed call on 1800 274 0110 (toll-free) from your registered mobile number and you will receive an SMS with your account balance. Type ‘BAL’ and send an SMS from your registered mobile number to number 9971056767 or 5676788. SMS charges are applicable.

How do you use Alfa orbit points?

You can use Orbits to top up your mobile, pay your bills, visit the Orbit Mall for online shopping or pay by scanning a QR at select merchants.

What is Alfa app?

Alfa your life and check banking off your daily to do list. Manage your savings. Track your expenses. Pay your bills. … Download Alfa to your android device from Google Play Store.

How do I delete my Alfa account?

To delete your account go to your setting page and click “Delete Account” .

How can I activate my alfalah debit card?

For activation, please call our 24/7 Phone Banking at 8191751-8. By simply calling our Phone Banking at 8191751-8, you can register and resolve complaints, report a lost or stolen card and activate your new Alfalah VISA Debit Card amongst other services. No paper PIN is required for Alfalah Debit Card.

What is promo code in Alfa account?

Special Offers Download Alfa & Open Alfa Account with Promo Code: ‘WASIM’ & get Rs. 100 instant cash bonus in your Alfa Account!

How can I know my Alfalah account balance?

By subscribing to this service, customers can get their account balance, Last 5 transactions, Credit Card information, Orbits points inquiry and topup of their registered mobile number through their Bank Alfalah account by sending predefined texts to Bank Alfalah short code 8287.

How do I sign up for the alfalah app?

To register for Alfalah Internet Banking.Visit on “Log on” on top right corner and select registration option.On the registration page, select the option by clicking ‘Debit card customers or Credit card customers or Bank Account holder’Fill in the required information to successfully register.

How can I pay my Bank Alfalah credit card bill online?

Credit Card Payment SolutionsAlfa Mobile App: Pay on the go by using the Alfa mobile app. … Internet Banking: Conveniently pay from the comfort of your home or office by logging on to Alfalah Internet Banking.More items…