Question: Do I Need To Pay Travel Tax For Domestic Flights?

Can I pay Philippine travel tax using credit card?

With the online system, travelers may pay said taxes through credit card, ATM/debit card, Touchpay kiosks, and over-the-counter (OTC non-bank) payment channels such as San Mig Food Avenue, Petron Corporation, Total Philippines Corporation, H Lhuillier Pawnshop, Tambunting Pawnshop Inc., Shopwise and Wellcome ….

Do I need to pay travel tax and terminal fee in the Philippines?

You need not worry about the terminal fee if you are arriving in any airport to the Philippines, departing on a domestic flight, or departing on an international flight from Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo or Kalibo. … Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are exempted from paying the terminal fee.

How much is the terminal fee in NAIA 2019?

The current NAIA terminal fee is P550 for international flights, and P200 for domestic. Under the plan, these would become P750 for international and P300 for domestic. Monreal said the implementation would be by April 2019, as the proposal was unopposed during the public hearing on Tuesday, October 30.

Can I refund Philippine travel tax?

Persons who can get a Travel Tax Refund If you have paid for travel tax or are exempt or got downgraded, you can get a refund. Refunds can be claimed within two years from your payment date. Included are the requirements for getting a refund.

Do foreigners have to pay Philippine travel tax?

Foreign temporary visitors (tourists and businesspersons) and Filipino balikbayans (either expatriates working in other countries or former Filipinos who are now citizens of other countries) who stay in the Philippines for less than one year do not pay Travel Tax.

How do I pay Philippine travel tax?

Online Travel Tax Payment SystemVisit the type of travel tax you wish to pay- First Class or Economy/Business Class.Create a one-time account by providing your email address and Passport Number.Enter your *Ticket Number, Mobile Number, Departure Date and Country of Destination.

Where can I pay Philippine travel tax?

Where do I pay the Philippine travel tax? You can also pay your travel tax on the day of your flight in the airport counters. You need to show your ticket and passport.

How much is the travel tax and terminal fee in Clark?

Pay the travel tax and terminal fee. Travel tax is P1,620 per person for economy class. Terminal fee is P600 per person.

Does PAL ticket include travel tax?

Tickets issued/purchased in the Philippines, payment is through the airline ticket offices and travel agencies. Tickets purchased thru PAL website (, passenger has the option to pay for the Travel Tax either: during the online booking provided passengers are all adult.

Is travel tax included in Cebu Pacific fare?

Cebu Pacific passengers have also been given the option to pay the travel tax on international flights of PHP1,620.00 (approximately USD32), plus a handling fee of PHP80. 00 (approximately USD2) when they book their flights online, via, or through Cebu Pacific ticket offices.

Where do I claim my travel tax refund?

SAME-DAY REFUND (SDR) of Travel Tax paid directly to TIEZA at travel tax counters at various airport terminals within 24 hours from time of payment. In all cases, passenger is required to present original passport and submit accomplished SDR form and original TIEZA official receipts (passenger and airline copies).

How do I claim my travel tax refund?

Submit the documents to the designated VAT claim centre. At the time of claim submission, the tourist must have the relevant tax invoice; passport and credit card will be needed to transfer the money to the tourist. Tourists can either recover the VAT in cash in UAE dirhams or have it transferred to their credit card.

What do I need to do before a domestic flight?

At the AirportArrive early! Know the location of the airport, facilities provided and parking costs in advance if you’re driving. … Check in at the airline desk. Have your photo ID ready and follow the signs to the check-in desks. … Go through security check. … Find your gate.

How much is the terminal fee for international flights in Cebu?

Terminal fee will be paid at the airport, except for Manila. Note: Beginning July 1, 2018, terminal fee for flights exiting Mactan-Cebu International Airport-T2 is Php 850. For guests exiting and transiting Manila, terminal fee is already included in the booking.

Are students exempted from travel tax?

For students going abroad to study, train or participate in competition, “they too will be exempted from paying the P1,620 travel tax,” Angara added. “So now students will enjoy the same privilege granted to our senior citizens and persons with disabilities,” Angara said.

Is there a discount for senior citizen in travel tax Philippines?

It further stipulates that senior citizens and PWDs shall be granted 20 percent discount on travel tax imposed on first class and economy class passages.

How do I pay my Cebu Pacific travel tax?

How to Pay Philippine Travel Tax Online via Cebu Pacific’s…Log in to your Cebu Pacific account, and click Manage Booking. … The list of your current bookings with Cebu Pacific will appear. … Different options will appear once you click on the Manage button. … On the next page, you have the option to pay both the terminal fee and Philippine travel tax.More items…•

How much is the airport tax in Cebu?

1. Re: Beware the airport departure tax of 850 pesos. The Cebu Airport passenger terminal fee is P850 per person for international flights. If you are on a domestic flight, the terminal fee should already be paid for / included in the plane ticket price, at the time of booking.